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Skid Mounted Filtration

Professional Grade Turn Key Filtration Systems Available for Your Water Feature Needs

SMF System

RK2 Ponds SMF Systems are built using quality components and craftmanship. Each unite is built proudly in the USA and shipped ready to install.

Our SMF systems combine our unique clay pellet media, UV Sterilizer, and an RK2 SuperPro pump creating a complete filtration system. The SMF system is designed to deliver unmatched filtration and UV sterilization, providing trouble free operation for your water feature.

SMF System Brochure
Model System Flow Rate Max System Size Main Pump Filter Size Filter Body Material Clay Media Amount Inlet/Outlet Port Base W x L
SMF-30 30 GPM 5,400 Gallon 3/4 HP MH 18" Thermoplastic 65# 1.5" 50" x 50"
SMF-60 60 GPM 10,800 Gallon 1 HP MH 24" Fiberglass 130# 1.5" 50" x 50"
SMF-100 100 GPM 18,000 Gallon 1 HP MH 30" Fiberglass 180# 2" 50" x 50"
SMF-140 140 GPM 25,000 Gallon 2 HP MH 36" Fiberglass 300# 2" 50" x 50"
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