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Ozone Generators & Electric Controls

APG Series Ozone Generators



Standard Features

Featuring Advanced Plasma Gap technology, all APG systems are compatible with any operating voltage and do not require desiccant air dryers to properly function. Our APG Series ozone generators offer improved water quality and clarity while reducing the amount of chlorine and chemicals used within your display. Units oxidize up to 99.99% of harmful microorganisms, while eliminating oils, lotions and other contaminants from your water. Each APG System is designed to offer customers a high output / low energy cost solution with a simple and inexpensive cost of ownership. Use of our systems will further aid in the reduction of wear and tear on additional life support equipment used within your life support system.

All APG Series units offer the following:

Model Recommended Air Flow Rates Max Power Consumption
@ 120VAC 60 Hz. /
@ 220 VAC 50 Hz.
Dimensions LHW (inches) Weight Recommended Skimmer Models Manuals
RK-APG-1 12 SCFH/5 LPM .1 Amps @ 120 VAC 60 Hz.
.05 Amps @ 240 VAC 50 Hz.
8" x 14.3" x 3.2" 10 LBS./4.5 KGS X-Flo 6-2.5/X-Flo 6-3.5
RK-APG-2 12 SCFH/5 LPM .2 Amps @ 120 VAC 60 Hz.
.1 Amps @ 240 VAC 50 Hz.
8" x 14.3" x 3.2" 10 LBS./4.5 KGS RK10AC
RK-APG-3 15 SCFH/7 LPM .31 Amps @ 120 VAC 60 Hz.
.15 Amps @ 240 VAC 50 Hz.
8" x 21.5" x 3.2" 15 LBS/6.8 KGS RK25PE/RK50PE
* All models are avialable with ORP Controller and Probe

Plasma Ozone Systems



Smart Ozone Systems for the Public Aquarium and Aquaculture Industries

Ozone, What is it?

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that can safely be used in multiple industrial and commercial applications. It helps break down organic molecules, renders dissolved metals insoluble and oxidizes inorganic contaminants. Ozone is formed when highly energetic radiation strikes molecules of oxygen and cause the two oxygen atoms to split apart in a process called photolysis. The freed atom collides with another oxygen molecule and joins it, forming ozone.

Ozone Molecules

Benefits of Ozone

Ozone will help kill harmful microorganisms including Fecal Coliforms commonly associated with marine mammal exhibits. In exhibits with underwater viewing panels, ozone will help improve water clarity by breaking down organic and tannins in the water column. Ozone can also help to control chloramine levels and reduce chlorine consumption within exhibits utilizing chlorination systems. Most importantly, ozone is a safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly oxidizer. Being a three-part oxygen molecule, ozone dramatically increases oxygen concentration.

Ozone and Foam Fractionation Combined

Ozone & Foam Fractionator

Ozone injection enhances the foam fractionation process. The ozone breaks down larger organic molecules which facilitates their removal by foam fractionation. The foam fractionation and ozone combination is extremely effective in a variety of applications. Grow-out tank and aquaria display with a heavy biological load will become remarkably cleaner. Clean systems such as larval rearing or live animal holding tanks can become exceptionally clear. This combination is excellent for recirculating aquaculture systems, (RAS), for both finfish and shellfish alike.

Plasma Ozone Technology

Developed by a major university's plasma lab team, RK2 Plasma Ozone Systems provide the aquarium and aquaculture industries with real time ozone functionality. These units check their own operational performance and the information is displayed on our full color high definition HMI touchscreen. The ORP level, (Oxidation Reduction Potential), provides an exact analysis of your aquatic system. Our ORP read-out lets you know immediately the health of the water with no guesswork as to whether the ozone system is operating correctly. With an extremely low energy consumption and our user-friendly HMI interface, RK2's Plasma Ozone Systems are perfectly suited for the 21st century.

Ozone Display


Model Chart & Dimensional Info

Model Recommended Air Flow Rates Power Consumption
100-250VAC 50/60Hz
Dimensions (inches)
Weight Concentration By Weight Recommended Skimmer Models
2G-PLASMA 21 SCFH/10 LPM 115 watts 16" X 10" X 8" 16 LBS./35 KGS .3% by weight RK10AC/RK25PE/RK50PE
5G-PLASMA 12 SCFH/6 LPM 85 watts 16" X 10" X 8" 16 LBS./ 35 KGS 1.5% by weight RK75PE/RK75-HF/RK150PE/RK150PE-HF
10G-PLASMA 12 SCFH/6 LPM 145 watts 16" X 10" X 8" 16 LBS./35 KGS 2.5% by weight RK300PE/RK300PE-HF
Ozone Generator Dimensions/Specs

System Controller/Monitor

Until now, performing even the simplest functions with a controller required technical or electronic expertise. The RK2 Systems - System Controller/ Monitor makes maintaining the optimum aquatic environment easy.

Our RK2 Systems - system controller/ monitor is constructed with only the highest quality components. The heart of our system controller / monitor is an INTEL microprocessor which manages all of the activities of the controller gathered by the controller is processed digitally. Our RK2 Systems controller/ monitor Architecture includes Digital Signal Processing (DSP) hardware and software that provides accurate and repeatable readings over the life of the System Controller.

In addition, the microprocessor design provides unsurpassed flexibility, as reflected by the variety of the software options that are available for our control/monitoring system.

RK2 System Controller/ Monitor includes the following features:

RK2 ORP Temperature PH Controller

RK2 ORP Temperature
PH Controller w/probes

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