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Pond Management

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Water Circulation

Pond Circulation

Water circulation is a critical filtering factor. Flowing water agitates and suspends solid waste in the pond, moving it to the mechanical filter where it is trapped, held and removed. Insufficient water circulation, a common problem associated with ponds, is caused by inadequate pump capacity, improper plumbing or both. When planning your system, pay close attention to the pump's capacity and the diameter of pipe used to plumb the system. Filtered water returning to the system should create a gentle current and be directed (using PVC fittings) so as to subtly force water downward to the bottom of the pond, suspending all solids. Proper water circulation will help to prevent solid waste from settling on the bottom of the pond, while providing current that most fish enjoy. We recommend a general turnover rate of once every three hours.

Decorative Stone

Decorative stone and pebbles placed on the bottom of a pond are not recommended! Decorative stone or pebbles accumulate solid waste, allowing it to decompose and foul the system. Decomposing solid waste lowers water quality, including its capacity to maintain acceptable dissolved oxygen levels.


Regardless of the filter system you choose routine maintenance is an essential part of the filter's operation. There is no such thing as a maintenance-free filter, all mechanical filters must be cleaned frequently.

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